Linux Playbook For Hacker's

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Linux hacking basics with "Linux Playbook for Hackers" The guide is very well applied out by experts in the field, with this all-inclusive guide taking you on an interesting journey on ethical hacking. This learning book will be perfect for students who aspire to work in the field of Linux and cybersecurity or want to learn hacking skills at the advanced level.

Just a teacher to guide you through the most straightforward lessons about complicated subjects. This book provides exactly that, a step-by-step journey for learning Linux for hacking. We will start with the basics and in no time advance to the expert's methods all the time while doing hands-on things which makes the learning process more fun and effective.

Why This Book?

  • Beginner to Expert: This book takes you on a journey from the basics of Linux to advanced hacking techniques, all explained in a simple and engaging manner.
  • Hands-On Learning: Packed with practical examples, and hands-on exercises, you'll learn by doing and reinforce your skills with every chapter.
  • Essential Tools and Techniques: Explore the most powerful tools and techniques in hacking today, including Bash scripting, Python automation, and exploiting vulnerabilities with GTFObins.
  • Security and Anonymity: Understand how to stay anonymous and secure online using tools like Tor and advanced Linux hardening methods.
  • Persistence and Malware Analysis: Gain insights into achieving persistence on compromised systems and analyzing malware to protect your network.

What You Will Learn:

  • Getting Started with Linux: Master the command line, manage users and navigate the Linux file system with ease.
  • Network Analysis and Management: Analyze networks, configure settings, and understand DNS to maintain a secure and efficient network.
  • Process Management: Learn to view, control, and prioritize processes to keep your system running smoothly.
  • Compression and Archiving: Get proficient with file compression and archiving techniques using tools like tar, gzip, and xz.
  • Automating Security Tasks: Use Python to automate security tasks, perform vulnerability scans, and analyze logs efficiently.
  • Advanced Hacking Techniques: Discover how to exploit vulnerabilities, escalate privileges, and maintain persistence on Linux systems.

About the Author:

Rocky, the founder of Codelivly, is a cybersecurity enthusiast with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. Codelivly is your go-to platform for clear, concise, and verified tutorials on cybersecurity and the latest tech. Rocky's expertise and dedication make this book an invaluable resource for aspiring hackers.

Join the Community:

Connect with the Codelivly Community (channel and group) on telegram for ongoing support, additional resources, and the latest updates in the world of cybersecurity.

Start your journey to becoming a Linux hacking expert. Grab your copy of "Linux Playbook For Hacker's" and take the first step towards mastering ethical hacking.

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Linux Playbook For Hacker's

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